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Welcome to Toastmasters District 21! If you’re looking to improve your public speaking abilities, communication skills, leadership traits, and self-confidence, Toastmasters is the place for you! You may be wondering, is there a Toastmasters club near me? We are physically located in Southern BC south of the Fraser river to the Alberta border including Vancouver island with attendance welcomed in our online only and hybrid clubs from around the world.

Present Well

Public speaking may not come naturally to you, but with coaching and support from Toastmasters, you can learn. Toastmaster clubs allow you to develop your skills in a positive, nurturing environment. Presenting your thoughts to a group of supportive peers never fails to be a gratifying exercise; it’s also a lot of fun! 

At Toastmasters, every speech topic you take on is a new challenge. Every meeting is another chance to make great strides in your quest. Every talk is an opportunity to improve on your weaknesses and refine your strengths. The thrill of engaging others with your words is endlessly rewarding. Our members will give you tips, tricks, and encouragement to enhance your speaking skills. At Toastmasters, you can hone your talents while competing for prizes and recognition amongst your peers.


Mentor Others

Having gained the confidence to speak in public doesn’t mean your Toastmasters journey is through. You can pass along the techniques you have acquired to others. From coaching to running meetings, there are endless roles and opportunities, not just for helping others but for your own personal advancement. Toastmasters provides a cooperative learning environment where friendships and alliances are born, and life-long connections are made. Knowing you played a part in someone’s career development is a powerful takeaway. 

As an international organization, Toastmasters International is a globally recognized brand with clubs in 145 countries around the world. What better place to make your mark as a mentor and ambassador? At Toastmasters International, members are encouraged to take on leadership roles, provide feedback, and learn from one another in a kind and supportive environment. It is through the mentorship of its members that Toastmasters International has been able to help people flourish since 1924!  


Advance Your Career

Good communication is the key to success in any industry and in life. The ability to convey your ideas confidently will earn you the respect and trust of your peers, subordinates, and supervisors. Good management is about expressing your wants in a clear and concise way. It also entails effective listening, coaching, conflict resolution, and people skills. All of these talents are learned and improved with a Toastmasters membership.  

Toastmasters puts you in the driver’s seat for a promising career in any field where presentations, public speaking, and written communication are essential for success. You never know who you’ll befriend at a Toastmasters meeting. Toastmasters opens up a world of new connections. A position on our district leadership team stands out on any resume.


Member Testimonials

stefano cossalter

Toastmasters has revolutionized my life. The skills I’ve learned have taught me how to effectively guide a team, make informed decisions, and influence others with conviction. It has given me the ability to articulate my thoughts confidently and engage audiences of all sizes, whether it’s an audience of 1000 or an audience of 1.  The helpful and supportive environment has allowed me to make significant improvements in my personal life, relationships, and business endeavors.

suzanne rieger

Toastmasters has provided me with an environment in which I can strive, thrive, and be supported in my club and district in my quest for being a more polished speaker. This has allowed me to become a better communicator and leader both personally and professionally.

Suzanne Rieger
Mystery Person

My only regret about Toastmasters is that I didn’t find it sooner in life.  What an abundance of gifts I have received! Having the confidence and the supporting skill set to articulate my thoughts in a comprehensive, and sometimes entertaining, way has changed me forever and for the better.  Thank you to all of my mentors and friends in District 21… for everything!

Art Dodd, DTM
suzanne rieger winning an international speech contest

Toastmasters is the best gift I have ever given myself. I have gained so much more than improved speaking skills. I have gained confidence in myself. My leadership skills are improved.  I have a tons of new friends and a huge network of support that is beyond compare. Only Toastmasters can provide such diverse benefits. I firmly believe EVERYONE needs Toastmasters.

Tricia Phipps