Education Sessions

We at Toastmasters District 21 are thrilled to present a series of educational sessions centered around the fundamental aspects of leadership and effective communication. Our team is tirelessly working to gather all the necessary information and secure inspiring speakers for these sessions. We are dedicated to keeping you updated on all the details as they unfold. Stay tuned to this page for the latest updates on this exciting opportunity to enhance your leadership and communication skills.

Leading from Within

Cultivating Self-Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Leaders must experience personal change before they can implement public change. -John C. Maxwell

Discover the transformative power of self-leadership and emotional intelligence. By delving into self-awareness, regulation, and motivation, attendees will unlock their leadership potential and enhance decision-making. Practical exercises will strengthen emotional intelligence, fostering better collaboration and resilience in the face of challenges. Participants will leave equipped with actionable strategies to navigate the complexities of the workforce with confidence and poise.

This session promises to empower fellow Toastmasters with the skills needed to excel as leaders, driving both personal growth and professional success.

Jim and Laurie Shopland

Jim & Laurie’s mission is to help business leaders find balance and joy while accomplishing their personal and professional goals. As founders of Shopland Coaching they offer the best of both worlds, with business and life coaching techniques that target everything from revenue generation to emotional intelligence.

They share a common unwavering commitment to each other, and to supporting clients on their journey to becoming the most authentic version of themselves as a leader.

How to write a speech that speaks

Creating contest-worthy speeches

When Rupinder qualified for his district contest for the first time, he foolishly asked a past WCPS (World Champion of Public Speaking): “What does it take to write a winning speech?” Their answer: “If you were to deliver your speech, step off the stage, and die – what would you want your audience to remember you for? The fact that you died, or the speech that you gave.”

Successful speeches are memorable; they stay with the audience long after you leave the stage. How can you write such a speech? Distinguished Toastmaster and 2018 semifinalist Rupinder Singh believes that everyone of us is a storyteller, and that the world today needs storytellers more than ever.

Join us as Rupinder shares his secrets to writing a speech that not only speaks, but resonates.

Rupinder Singh

A classic introvert, Rupinder never thought he would be a Public Speaker. Then in 2018, he stood second in the semifinals of Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking in Chicago. Since 2015, Rupinder has delivered over 500 speeches, conducted more than 100 public speaking workshops, and has influenced over 5000 lives. He believes that there are stories inside everyone, that everyone can be a storyteller, and that the world needs storytellers.

Rupinder is a seasoned training professional with more than two decades of experience in training and development. He is also a twice Distinguished Toastmaster, which is the highest qualification available in the Toastmasters education program. In August 2018, Rupinder represented his district in the World Championship of Public Speaking at Chicago, where he stood second in the semifinals.

Step up, Serve and Grow!

You are so busy doubting yourself, while other people are intimidated by your potential.

Do you want to know how district leaders felt before saying “yes” to area or division director roles? Do you want to know how they managed to serve the district? Do you want to know how much they grew after their term? Join us on this insightful panel of recent district leaders to learn about the highlights of their leadership experience as well as how to achieve your Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) title! See you on April 27th, 2024.

Hardip Virdi

Hardip has been with TM for 3 years and every year, she has taken a leadership role either in her club or in the district. Her recent role has been to serve as the Area 61 director and she is grateful for this opportunity that allowed her to build great connections and enhance her leadership skills.

Harnessing AI

Elevating the Toastmasters Experience

Discover how leveraging AI can supercharge your Toastmasters journey! Attendees can unlock the power of AI to elevate their speech quality, captivating audiences with refined delivery techniques and compelling narratives. Take away for audiences: Improved Speech Quality Efficiency and Time-Saving Personalized Feedback

As Toastmasters, we constantly strive to enhance our communication and leadership skills. On the 100 year anniversary of Toastmasters, harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers us exciting opportunities to revolutionize our approach to communication for the decades to come. In this session, we’ll explore innovative ways to integrate AI into our Toastmasters journey, unlocking new avenues for growth and development.

Liam Clark

Liam currently has the honor of serving as the President of Toastmasters Langley and as the Chair for this year’s district conference. He has been a part of the Toastmasters family for 10 years, embarking on a journey filled with learning and growth. Liam recently completed his Visionary Communication Pathway and has achieved the Advanced Communicator Gold status. Additionally, he enjoys working with Gavel clubs to enable future generations to enhance their communication skills. Beyond public speaking, Liam is dedicated to fostering high-performing teams, always aiming to support and uplift those around him.