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Did you have a question we didn’t answer on our website? Do you want to attend a Toastmasters meeting to see what happens for yourself? We are happy to help! Please fill out our contact form with the information you need, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. District 21 appreciates your interest and welcomes new friends. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Toastmasters prides itself on its transparency and friendly, receptive membership. Let us know if you have any additional inquiries. We love to talk!

Can I attend a meeting for free?

Yes, you can! Send us a message, and we’ll get you all the necessary details. We would love to connect and help you find a club.

How do I find the nearest Toastmasters location?

The find a club near you page on the website is the ultimate resource for locating every outfit in your region. 

What if I prefer an Online-Only Toastmasters club?

You’re in luck! Visit the website for the most current list of active online clubs

How much are Toastmasters fees?

All new members must purchase a Beginner’s Kit for $25. This start-up fee includes enrollment into the Pathways educational program, plus guides for improving your speech writing, evaluating presentations, and finding your voice, and a subscription to Toastmasters Magazine. A half-year membership costs $72. A full-year membership costs $144. That’s only $3 per week!

Who is Toastmasters suitable for?

In a word, everyone! Are you gung-ho about starting your career in the business world? Are you a mature manager looking to get a leg up on the competition? Are you a retiree looking for a new hobby? Is English a second language, and you’re looking to improve your speech? Toastmasters is the perfect place for anyone interested in improving their communication abilities. It’s fun, social, and welcoming to all.

Is there an age restriction on membership?

Toastmasters is geared towards adults 18 years of age and up. However, clubs may occasionally offer a Youth Leadership Program or an Interpersonal Communications Program for kids aged 14-18. Visit for more information on Toastmasters Youth Programs.

What happens during your weekly meeting?

Typically, people present speeches on different subjects. Other people fill assigned roles such as Toastmaster of the Day, Ah-Counter (to count the number of filler words spoken), Grammarian, Timer, Evaluator, Table Topics Master, and General Evaluator. The idea is that people are there to provide feedback and support. There is no designated “teacher.” The Club President will introduce the Toastmaster of the Day to start the proceedings. Meetings wind down with conversations designed to improve your ability to answer impromptu questions on the spot—a valuable skill for everyday life. 

What is Pathways?

Pathways is Toastmasters’ online curriculum for learning 300 desirable workplace competencies at your own pace. Certain path projects can be carried out during meetings. The Pathways program serves as the foundation of your Toastmasters experience.