Speech Contests are an important and exciting pillar of the Toastmasters International program. They provide a unique platform and competitive environment that highlights some of our best speakers and offers an important learning experience for us all, whether we are contestants, judges, event organizers or the audience.
Toastmasters International has some detailed Speech Contest FAQs as well.
How many contests does our District support?

Currently, the district supports two (2) contests annually: the International Speech Contest and one other contest category: Evaluation, Table Topics, Tall Tales or Humourous.
For the 2023/24 Contest Season: the International Speech Contest and the Table Topics Contest are featured.

When is D21's contest season and how long does it run?
Our district season runs from January through April, although some clubs may hold their club-level contests earlier. Our 2023-24 timeline: 
January: Club Contests
February:  Area Contests
March: Division Contests
April:  District Contests
How will areas, divisions and the district contest be held in 2024?
For 2023-24, Toastmasters International directed districts to decide on one format only at Area, Division and District levels. District leaders brought recommendations to the September 23, 2023 District Council meeting for approval. At that meeting, these platforms were decided:
All Area-level contests will all be HYBRID.
All Division-level contests will all be HYBRID.
The two District level contests will be ONLINE:
April 16, 2024 – Table Topics (final). The winner becomes the District Champion for 2023-24.
April 19, 2024 – International Speech Contest. The District winner advances to Regional Quarterfinals.
Two (2) winners from each Region advance to the Semi-Finals in Anaheim, California August 14 – 17, 2024.
World Finals are held Aug. 17, 2024.
What is the best way to learn about contests and guidelines?
Toastmasters’ Speech Contest Rulebook is our seminal guide to contest organization. It is updated every year and includes helpful checklists. Download here: https://www.toastmasters.org/resources/2023-2024-speech-contest-rulebook
D21 also offers training sessions for judges, organizers and contestants each year. Check d21tm.org/events.
Other districts around the world also offer training and educational resources. See each district’s website.
May clubs choose how to stage their contests?
Yes, each club is responsible for organizing and choosing how to stage their own contests: in person, online (eg. Zoom or Teams) or as a hybrid event.