Education & Training

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Education and Training

At the very heart of Toastmasters lies a commitment to learning, growth, and personal development. Whether you’re a novice aiming to conquer your fear of public speaking or a seasoned speaker looking to hone your leadership skills, our education and training programs are designed with you in mind.

At District 21 we believe in the transformative power of consistent learning, and our mission is to provide every member with the tools they need to thrive, both within the Toastmasters community and in the world at large

Communication and Leadership

Take your own Path!

Pathways Education Program is a dynamic online curriculum tailored for Toastmasters members. It offers a flexible learning environment, allowing you to delve into videos and digital resources at your convenience. Focusing on enhancing communication and leadership skills, Pathways boasts 300 distinct competencies spread across 11 dedicated learning paths. By participating, members align their journey with their professional aspirations and directly apply their knowledge in Toastmasters meetings.

Learning by Leading

Moreover, our district prioritizes training for club officers, embodying the essence of ‘learning by leading.’ To continually evolve, club officers undergo two rounds of intensive training sessions. This isn’t just a step towards individual growth but also a leap towards achieving the club’s ‘Distinguished’ status.

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Contest and Judge Training

Toastmasters’ annual speech contests are a highlight for many. Competitors eagerly refine their speeches, whether for the main contest, Evaluations, Table Topics, or Humorous Speeches. The dedication and enthusiasm they bring is palpable and commendable.

However, the contest season isn’t just for competitors. Many seize the chance to organize contests or take on the critical role of a judge. These roles, essential to the contest’s success, offer valuable experiences in leadership and objective evaluation. Given the hard work speakers put into their presentations, it’s vital that each contest is conducted professionally, ensuring a fair and uplifting environment.

Whether you’re a speaker, organizer, or judge, this season epitomizes the spirit of growth and excellence at Toastmasters.