Communication and Leadership

Pathways Education Program

Pathways is an online curriculum that provides a flexible learning experience for Toastmasters members. You have the freedom to improve your communication and leadership by accessing videos and digital content whenever it works best for you. You’ll work towards your personal goals while building a set of skills designed for professional success. It’s an exciting way to engage with Toastmasters content from the comfort of home. 

Begin Your Journey

Are you ready to learn and grow? Pathways teaches 300 unique skill set competencies for better communication and leadership. With 11 specialized learning paths to choose from, you’ll continue refining your professional development skills as you practice what you learn during Toastmasters meetings.  

Pathways Primer Sessions

Introducing The Pathways Primer Sessions – an essential resource for new members and individuals looking to maximize their learning experience with Pathways. These sessions provide a comprehensive overview of Pathways, its benefits, and how to make the most of curriculum. Join us during the 2nd week of each month on rotating evenings, as we equip you with the tools and knowledge to embark on your Toastmasters journey. No pre-registration required.

Your Path

You have 11 engaging options to choose from. Start where you want and work at your own pace. From Presentation Mastery and Motivational Strategies to Dynamic Leadership, you’ll discover all the tools necessary for a confident new you.   

The Levels

Each path takes you from mastering fundamentals in the topic through demonstrating expertise through five levels, including, Mastering Fundamentals, Learning Your Style, Increasing Knowledge, Building Skills, and Demonstrating Expertise. 

The Starting Point

Base Camp is the name of the online portal where you interact with the various pathways and digital content. You gain access to the LMS when becoming a member. All members welcomed.

Achievements & Awards

The more progress you make, the more recognition you’ll receive. You’ll earn certificates and badges to mark your completion status and even official Toastmasters letters you can share with your employer. Stand out by earning the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award, the ultimate accolade to celebrate your Pathways success. 

Judges Training

There are plenty of reasons to become a judge at Toastmasters. Speech contests are essential to Toastmasters’ training and culture, and judges play an integral role. Workshops for judging are typically offered in the fall. 

Attending a Toastmasters judges workshop and participating in contests will refine your listening and analytical skills. Judging categories include assessing a speech’s content, its delivery, and the speaker’s choice of Language. There’s much to learn in order to carry out your responsibilities in the fairest, most effective way.

  • You’ll discover the qualities that separate a good speech from an award-worthy speech
  • You’ll advance your status and reputation within the Toastmasters community
  • You’ll hear from some of the best orators within the organization
  • You’ll participate in a new and personally fulfilling learning experience with other members  
  • As your judging experience grows, you’ll have the opportunity to partake in bigger contests

Your eligibility as a judge is determined by the type of contest you apply for. Remember, great leaders thrive on learning new skills. Your ability to evaluate people’s work with an impartial view is a valuable asset in any work environment. 

Officer Training

A big part of our district’s mission is to ensure there is proper training for club officers. Strong leadership isn’t just something we teach; it is practiced daily by the people in charge. 

If you would like to take part in the next round of training sessions, please drop us a line using the District 21 contact form. Club officers must attend two training rounds to advance their skills further. What’s good for the individual is good for the club. Active participation will help your club achieve Distinguished Club status. 

  • You’ll have the opportunity to apply effective leadership concepts
  • You’ll learn the roles and responsibilities of club officers
  • You’ll work on team-building concepts 
  • You’ll receive plenty of encouragement for planning and growth
  • You’ll read and review the necessary handbooks, manuals, and other key materials
  • You’ll participate in discussions and have a form for asking questions
  • You’ll receive a solid foundation to prepare for your term in office
  • You’ll meet with district leaders and those who can guide you in your new role

At Toastmasters, there is never a shortage of ways to validate your training and continue your advancement through the organization.