• Year-end thank you messages from the District Trio
  • Thrive as a Distinguished club
  • Education sessions in June
  • Submit Club Officer list on TI by June 30
  • What’s up in June at District 21

Warmest greetings District 21 members. First of all, I would like to thank so many members of our District stepping up for club officer positions and signing up for Club Officer Training for June 1st getting a great start on your year! Your commitment not only strengthens your club but also our entire District. I am proud to have served each of you as your District Director this year and have been able to do that with an amazing team… our Trio Shakeel Gaya and Virginia Keast. Our Core Team (Sharanjit Virdi, Karen Burgess, Torsten Lenk, Connie Huang, Virginia Keast, and Shakeel Gaya as well as all of our District leaders who each of you, did an amazing job serving District 21.

If you haven’t served as a District Leader or Club Officer, you have a very special opportunity to not only develop leadership skills but build lasting friendships as well. Enjoy the opportunity many of your District leaders have had… step forward and enjoy your journey! Find out how you can Grow and help your fellow Toastmasters – at the same time!

Gene Vickers
District Director 2023-2024
District 21
Email: dd@d21tm.org

We’re on the backstretch now and what a year it has been, as we kicked off 100 years of Toastmasters Learning and Leadership with our first IN PERSON annual conference in four years in Langley BC! (psst: mark the date May 23-25, 2025 for Sidney BC)

My heartfelt thanks to all who made this year’s training and educational events a dynamic learning experience for us all:

  • Our innovative (under pressure) Conference team;
  • Our overworked Contest teams (at club/area/division AND district)
  • Our devoted COT trainers & tech teams;
  • Our dedicated mentors, sponsors and coaches
  • Our many staunch & steadfast district leaders and club officer teams; and lbnl
  • Our members who made it all worthwhile!

It takes teamwork to make the dream work…and you all continue to make Toastmasters a unique place to learn and grow.

But hey, Toastmasters – the 2023-24 year is not over yet and sooo many clubs are soooo close to Distinguished! Let’s finish STRONG with:

  • “Beat the Clock!” Toastmasters Membership Building Campaign
  • Speech-a-thons – to highlight Pathways speeches and evaluations
  • Open Houses to entice new members
  • Recognition nights to show you care
  • Making time for Summertime Club Officer Training – guess who got 7 out of 7 last season and earned $25 Gift Certificates? You could do the same this summer!
  • Planning for new Fall Contest Season

Here are the deadlines your club needs to know for June:

  • June 1 to August 31: Summertime Club Officer Training
  • June 30 Deadline: “Beat the Clock!” New member applications
  • June 30 Deadline: Clubs must submit club officer lists
  • June 30: Final day of the 2023-2024 Toastmasters year!

Zoom with us for these Education sessions:

  • June 20: Meet-up Can Make a Difference – Find out how you can regularly attract guests FOR FREE with Phyllis Nielsen, DTM
  • June 13: Monthly Pathways Primer –Learn how to use your path to meet your goals
  • June 27: Monthly New Member Orientation – From Club meetings to the world beyond your club!

For links & details, see: What’s Up in June at District 21

See you in July!

Virginia Keast, DTM
Program Quality Director 2023-2024
District 21
Email: pqd@d21tm.org

Hello members of District 21,

Thank you for the opportunity to serve!

This has been a tremendous year in my journey as Toastmaster. Working with Gene and Virginia has been a learning opportunity for me. Working with each of you has been a memorable experience for me. Our Task Force for Club Growth has been able to achieve success in getting some projects near completion and ready to be chartered before the end of June. We are waiting for the date for the Demo Meeting from the Richmond Chamber of Commerce. This means opportunities for you to step and volunteer as the Demo team and sign up as Club Mentors/Sponsors. This is a valuable step towards your Distinguished status.

I wish each of you the very best and look forward to collaborations in the future.


Shakeel Gaya
Club Growth Director 2023-2024
District 21
Email: cgd@d21tm.org