• What’s up in May at District 21
  • Draw guests using the Meetup platform
  • District 21 Contests 1st Place Winners
  • District  21 Annual Conference highlights
  • New leadership team 2024/2025
  • Leadership opportunities in 2024/2025
  • Members feedback survey
  • Building new clubs
  • Beat the Clock

 As we are finishing our Toastmaster year. So many clubs are doing well with the Distinguished Club Program but many of us are low in membership. This is a terrific time to have an open house and share the features, values and benefits of our Toastmaster program. Imagine the excitement and fun your club will have by becoming Distinguished.

If you had the opportunity to visit the District 21 Conference in Langley, without question you were treated to an amazing event. The effort by so many of our District leaders, our emcees, presenters… were all absolutely amazing.

I am proud of all of our leaders throughout the year who put so much of their efforts into ensuring all of us get the most out of Toastmasters! Let’s finish strong and reap the benefits!

Gene Vickers
District Director 2023-2024
District 21
Email: dd@d21tm.org

What’s Up in May

Two months to go and time is racing by, yet there’s still plenty of time to raise your membership numbers and Pathways levels. How? See What’s Up in May for a list of how-to sessions to help you reach your goals and get your club officers trained before the summer. (PS Club officer elections should be happening in the first half of May; Club Officer training starts June 1st!)

Looking for Leaders in and beyond your club!

Districts around the world are always searching for leaders to help support and inspire our members’ journeys. Right now, we’re seeking 12 Toastmasters willing to take on one of the most vital and fulfilling leadership roles in our organization…that also helps you attain ‘Distinguished Toastmaster’ and will give you a wealth of experience you might never find anywhere else! Learn more.

Looking for new ways to draw guests? Meetup will help!

Our district will provide space (at no charge) on the social platform Meetup – if your club can provide the participation! Zoom with Phyllis Nielsen on Thursday May 24 from 8-9 pm PDT to find out more.

Big changes coming to D21!

A rather long but important online D21 Annual Business Meeting; Elections (Online) launched our Annual Conference this year. We approved the District Re-alignment Proposal, elected our new leaders and looked to the future. Get all the changes plus review the minutes here.

Do you want to help us brainstorm for the next year and beyond? Take our survey.

What makes a successful contest?

A superb organizing team,14 seriously talented contestants, and a wonderful audience. And we had it all, at the D21 International Speech and Table Topic Contests, held online (for the last time) on Thursday, April 25th. Thanks to everyone involved for making this event a smooth success and Congratulations to our 1st place Winners!

  • TABLE TOPICS Contest: Krishn Ramchurn (Advocates Toastmasters) 
  • INTERNATIONAL SPEECH Contest: Karen VanDerlyn (World of Difference Toastmasters)
April 27th D21 Annual Conference rocked!

If you weren’t one of the lucky 150 people gathered in Langley BC – you’ll have to hear about it from them! So exciting to connect with zoom friends, meet new friends, learn from 14 fabulous speakers and celebrate Toastmaster’s 100 anniversary with cake and ice cream! Check out the highlights here.

And see you in Sidney By the Sea for next year’s in person conference on May 23,24, and 25, 2025.

Virginia Keast, DTM
Program Quality Director 2023-2024
District 21
Email: pqd@d21tm.org

Hello District 21 members,

The clock is ticking down on our Toastmaster year.

What is required to close this year with success? More Clubs / More Members. We have created the D21 Task Force to achieve our club growth. If you have a lead for a new club or would like to support the team please contact me cgd@d21.org. More clubs chartered in the next 8 weeks will lead to increase in membership.

To those of you whom I met at the Conference and have stepped up to help in this task THANK YOU. There is still time for others to step up and join in this project.

Beat the Clock

Beat the Clock is the last of the membership drives in Toastmasters Calendar to earn an incentive. Make it your club’s goal to earn the Beat the Clock award and encourage every member to take part. Clubs adding five new, dual or reinstated members with a join date between May 1 and June 30 receive a Beat the Clock ribbon to display on the club’s banner. Qualifying clubs also earn a special discount code for 10% off their next club order. Applications and payments for members with a join date between May 1 and June 30 must be received at World Headquarters or online no later than June 30. The addition of transfer and charter members does not count toward Beat the Clock credit.

Best wishes,

Shakeel Gaya
Club Growth Director 2023-2024
District 21
Email:  cgd@d21tm.org