Official Branding Guidelines

Welcome to District 21’s Public Relations resource section. Check out the links and tips below to help you promote, build and grow your Toastmasters club. From media releases to messaging, this is an excellent reference for publicity and promotion—and not just for the VP PR! Your PR resources are now ONE CLICK away!    Toastmasters Brand Visuals

Toastmasters International Logos, Images and Templates

Media Outreach Materials:
Seeking ways to promote your club?
  • Can you believe it? 100’s of Membership ideas! Download PDF here.
  • A shorter, evolving list that you can participate in building: 25 Simple ideas & steps to Promote Your Club. Download PDF here.
Need help creating or maintaining your club website? 
  • Perhaps the most important part of PR for your club, your WEBSITE is an effective tool to draw guests and reflect your club’s unique culture.
  • Many clubs use Free Toast Host – Request a Website
  • Tip: Toastmaster club websites from around the world can be inspirational!