Are you overworked, underpaid, fighting for quality family time, work-out time, down time? Hey, you sound like you’d make a great Area Director! (You know what they say about busy people.)
District 21 is actively seeking new Area Directors for 2024-2025! Will you consider?

Did you know?  Our District leaders are the foundational support that keeps our clubs growing and flourishing. In 2024-25, we will need 19 Area Directors to connect with 100+ clubs across our cities, towns and countryside within BC and beyond. We have 7. Not enough.

District 21 was the NUMBER 1 DISTRICT IN THE WORLD at one time…Will you come and join us as we work together to build our way back to Distinguished?

We believe every club deserves to be Distinguished and you can become an important part of that journey.

 What does an Area Director do? And what are the benefits to you?
  1. Accomplish that vital District Leadership requirement and prerequisite for your Distinguished Toastmaster Award (DTM)
  2. Help over 100 people achieve their communication and leadership goals over the next year
  3. Receive leadership and team training throughout the year.
  4. Learn how to organize meetings and events with many participants.
  5. Build skills that help you research, analyze and create objective reports..
  6. Soak up the “hidden” treasures of Toastmasters: the active listening, critical thinking and organizational soft skills that will build your self-confidence in public speaking and leadership.
  7. Work together with a wide-ranging leadership team to face the challenges of deadlines and consistent engagement with your area clubs.
What are the qualifications to be an Area Director?
  • If possible, an Area Director should have served as a Club Officer (or previously as a District Officer.)
  • Your appointment by the District Director is for the period of July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025.

Have questions about the role and the time it takes? See: FAQ Area Director – What’s in it for you?

“While most of us may have entered Toastmasters to learn to make speeches, that benefit is but the beginning of the good which may come to us and the good which we may do for mankind.”    ~ Dr. Ralph C. Smedley